Industrial Display



• Various application like Vending Machine, KIOSK, Industrial Equipment, etc.

• With Glass

• With Touch (Projected Capacitive, etc.)

• Customized Design

Various kiosks

         • Enhanced Brightness for outdoor applications

         • With Glass & Touch

         • AG (Anti-Glare), AR (Anti-Reflection), AF (Anti-Finger) available

         • Supporting the required thickness for Cover Glass

         • Customized Design

         • Optical Bonding (Improved the Readability, Surface Temperature etc.)

         • The easy structure for repair


AntiGlare (AG) processing could eliminate screen surface mirror problem

through converting direct light to diffuse light on the touch screen.


AR processing means adding a type of coating that

could reduce reflected light on the cover glass, which dereases screen

reflection and increases visual effects significantly in the sun.